Wind Turbine

NEPC has entered into strategical alliance with SRC Green Power Private Limited manufacturing wide range of wind turbines which are among the most dependable wind turbines, due to its simplicity in design and working. The SRC manufactured wind turbines are easy to maintain with readily available spares. The wind turbines are built with an integrated gear box as the load bearing structure. All crucial parts are manufactured using industry specified, high quality steel. This robust wind turbine is made to work under all climatic conditions.

The quality of the wind turbine depends not only on the design and raw materials, but to a large extent on the technical and skilled work force behind it. SRC Green Power takes great care to employ a work force that has a proven track record and long experience on similar kind of machines. In fact many of SRC Green Power’s work force have been instrumental in developing wind turbines in India that have been in use for more than 20 years.


SRC Wind Turbines consists of a hub made of SG IRON casting with 3 connecting blades which are made of G.R.P [ Glass reinforced polyester]. The blade hydraulic unit is mounted inside the hub and three hydraulic cylinders are mounted in each extender. The nose cone is mounted in front of the hub for protection against entry of rain water.


SRC Wind Turbines has 3 blades and each blade consists of a tip which is pivotable and can be turned 85 degrees respectively to the main blade, thereby acting as aerodynamic brakes.


SRC Wind Turbine's gear box is custom built with a two stage helical design. The gear box is mounted on the nacelle by rubber suspension. The main shaft is connected to the gear box to keep it in a floating condition, having the brake hub connected by a brake disc which is bolted with the generator by a flexible metallic coupling.


SRC Wind Turbines generator has dual winding and is an asynchronous type.


SRC Wind Turbines are mounted with fail-safe disc brake caliper with hydraulic power brake which will be activated to stop the wind turbine. A simple device is provided in the caliper side for the purpose of temporary brake to be applied manually for emergency stopping of wtg.


SRC Wind Turbines has yaw geared motor with electromagnetic brake drive and slew ring by which the entire nacelle assembly, with rotor will be moved to the exact position to receive wind energy according to the wind direction. yaw brake is placed near the yaw motor to apply brake to hold and retain the position of the nacelle assembly to consume the maximum possible wind energy.


SRC Wind Turbines has a polygonal folded bolted / circular tower with options of different hub height as required by the customer with all internals of ladders, platforms, cable supports, light fittings and cables etc. The tower is spray galvanised and painted. The raw material used for making tower & nacelle frame will be as per international standards to suit all climatic conditions.


SRC Wind Turbines has power, control & capacitor panels mounted inside the bottom of the tower using rubber cushyfoots to