Company Overview

In the 1984's when the idea of non conventional energy was unheard of in India, NEPC started a silent revolution and pioneering effort in promoting the concept of harnessing wind power and commercializing it. NEPC became the first company in India to manufacture 250kw wind turbines. This not only created a huge opportunity for the untapped private sector market, but also provided a vital infrastructure of power & contributed to the nation's economy. NEPC has already made a huge contribution by supplying 4000 wind turbines across India. It was the first company to receive ISO 9001 certification for manufacturing wind turbines in India.

After the success of wind generated power, NEPC set its sight on harnessing the awesome power of the sun. NEPC manufactured photo - voltaic solar panels and batteries became a success story in a very short time. A large number of independent houses in northern India, which was totally dependent on the inconsistent conventional power supply, switched to installing solar panels. This strategy made them absolutely independent in terms of power supply and consumption.

NEPC is also very active in the export market by providing wind turbines in the capacity of 55Kw,100Kw,200Kw, 225Kw and 250Kw. With its brand value gaining respect through all these years, NEPC wind turbines are in demand in many European countries, U.K , U.S.A , and Canada

The company has the resources to provide the services needed by different clients in different countries and total turnkey solutions for its clientele in India.

Key Features of NEPC

NEPC's Gujarat Wind Farms

NEPC INDIA in partnership with MICON of Denmark have shown its commitment of wind power to the nation by establishing the country's first Wind Farm in 1986 showing the path to others by producing 1.1 MW of power.

NEPC INDIA LTD is the first company in Asia to establish the wind farm in Gujarat which is still producing power since 1986 without any Major breakdowns.

This Wind Farm is situated on the sea shore stretching around 3km long near the town of Mandvi in Gujarat.

Image of NEPC owned Gujarat Wind Farms